Saksa Automaatika is Siemens AG’s authorized Solution Partner.

We are active in the market as solutions provider, digitalization and maintenance partner and professional sales partner for automation products.

Each of Siemens authorized partner is a proven expert in their field, with excellent product and system expertise in all aspects of Siemens portfolio.

An important part of the partnership is mutual commitment and a common strategy for promoting industrial business and services.

As a Siemens Partner, we are expected to be top specialists in our field who understand the challenges and needs of Estonian industry and effectively execute projects with the latest technology.

We at Saksa Automaatika have chosen our path as a dedicated member of the Siemens-based industrial and digitalization ecosystem to provide our customers with the best possible experience in introducing Siemens products and solutions and, in turn, providing Siemens with expertise to operate in the market. We work daily together to provide the best automation and digitalization solutions on the market.

When it comes to partnership, Siemens place the highest value on what distinguishes Siemens as a whole: expertise, professionalism and quality. That’s why a core aspect of Partner Program is continuing education through qualification and certification measures based on uniform global standards. This ensures that our services will always at same high quality standards.

  • Solution quality – through the use of optimal products for the specific requirement
  • Expert quality – Cutting-edge knowledge demonstrated in regular workshops and audits
  • Consulting quality – thanks to valuable synergies generated through close cooperation
  • Project quality – as a result of targeted collaboration throughout the entire production workflow
  • Quality of products and services – for efficient and safe solutions based on state-of-the art technology
  • Supply quality – thanks to the reliable availability of products and efficient logistics processes
  • Service quality – for the highest level of machine and plant availability